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Magurka Wilkowicka is located in the western part of the mountains of Beskid Mały. In the beginning of the 20th century the mountain was named Josefsberg in the German tradition because of the nearby St Joseph spring and the shrine with the statue of the Saint. A vast view clearing, where Magurka PTTK mountain lodge is situated, spreads on top. The history of the lodge began in 1903 when it was founded by the Beskidy mountain tourism department of Beskidenverein. In 1907 it was named The Archduchess Maria Theresa Mountain Lodge on the Joseph Mountain. A ski club was also founded at the time to popularize skiing in higher parts of the mountains of Beskid Mały among inhabitants and tourists. The lodge was burnt down twice and rebuilt, now it is one of the most popular mountain lodges.

The following trails lead to Magurka:

The centre of Czernichów - Suchy Wierch (799 m AMSL) – Czupel (933 m AMSL) – Magurka (blue trail)
The centre of Międzybrodzie Bialskie – Międzybrodzie Ponikiew – Magurka (yellow trail)

Wilkowice – Magurka (green trail)

Straconka – Magurka (green trail)

Mikuszowice Stalownik – Magurka (red trail)

OSP (Volunteer Fire Department) Wilkowice – Rogacz – Magurka (black trail, also known as „the Harnaś Rogacz trail”)

Further development of sport infrastructure in the area is enabled by the common project of the Wilkowice and Czernichów municipalities - Building of cross-country skiing routes in the crest part of Magurka Wilkowicka mountain - co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund. The project includes, for instance, building of a FIS homologated 3750-metre-long cross-country skiing route all of which is marked up above 850 m AMSL. Thanks to the development of the sport infrastructure on the mountain of Magurka Wilkowicka the annual Magurka Cup In the Footsteps of the Archduchess Maria Theresa can attract even more participants and spectators.

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